1. 1. Why is my torrent stuck at a certain percent?

    See What does availability mean?

  2. 2. Why doesn’t µTorrent report me as a seeder when selectively downloading?

    By definition, a seeder is a peer with all the files fully completed. It would be incorrect for µTorrent to report you as a seeder if you didn’t download some of the files.

    To re-iterate: you are NOT a seeder unless you have 100% of the torrent.

  3. 3. Why does pause mode keep downloading or uploading?

    It takes a short while for the download and upload to reach 0 (possibly several minutes), since µTorrent must send/receive all the queued pieces first. It does not drop the connections, so small bandwidth spikes may still be seen several minutes after because of BitTorrent protocol overhead.

  4. 4. Why does it show a download speed of .1-.2 KiB/s when seeding?

    µTorrent shows BitTorrent protocol overhead when displaying speeds; a relatively low download amount while seeding is normal (peer communication).

  5. 5. Why is there an ETA / Remaining time when seeding?

    µTorrent shows an ETA/Remaining time when seeding based off the ratio set in «Seeding Priority,» so you can know about how long it’ll take to reach the specified ratio.

  6. 6. Why do the up/down buttons not move the torrent?

    The up/down buttons only change the queue order for torrents that are downloading. They do not actually move the torrents up and down in the list.

  7. 7. Why does µTorrent create files I set to «Don’t Download?»

    Turn on diskio.use_partfile in Advanced and it shouldn’t create them anymore.

  8. 8. Why can’t I see anything in the directory browser dialog?

    Turn on gui.compat_diropen in Advanced and the problem should be fixed.

  9. 9. Why do my torrents grind to a halt with «Disk Overload» whenever I add a new one?

    This is a design limitation in µTorrent that will be fixed in the future. There is nothing you can do except be patient; it will go away within a few minutes.

  10. 10. Why does µTorrent use FixedSys on Windows NT 4?

    You don’t have the Tahoma font installed.

  11. 11. µTorrent won’t open torrent files even though I associated torrents with it.

    Make sure the «Associate with .torrent files» button is greyed out in the General section of the options. If it is and Firefox gives you errors like «Invalid menu handle» when opening the .torrent or opens another client, click (within Firefox) Tools -> Options -> Content -> Manage, remove TORRENT from the list and hit OK. If it is Explorer or other programs giving the error, you may need to right click a .torrent file, Open With -> Browse, look for µTorrent and check «Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.» If all else fails, click (within Explorer) Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types, and remove TORRENT from the list. Then try to use the «Associate with .torrent files» button again.